1 Mukhi Gol Dana Rudraksha

1 mukhi rudraksha gol dana is one of the rarest beads of nature. This spiritual rudraksha is a symbol of the link between Lord Shiva and the wearer.

This is one of the most powerful rudraksha in nature which brings success and prosperity in every domain.

Irrespective of caste, creed, and religion, anyone can adopt it in their life.

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1 Mukhi Gol Dana Rudraksha Nepali | Ek Mukhi Gol Rudraksha Price

Ek mukhi nepali rudraksha is one most powerful bead of Nepal region.

1 mukhi gol rudraksha has countless spiritual and health benefits. It feels you relief from all your life pain and problems, you can bliendly rely on this powerful and influential bead.

Original ek mukhi gol dana rudraksha is also recommended to individuals in a leadership position as it provides you calmness and stability.

Reduce malefic effect of the Sun and other planet (grah). 

1 mukhi original nepali rudraksha price is a little higher due to its rarity.

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Our Customers Reviews

Ashok Kumar
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I have studied Rudrakshas on the internet for a long time. I purchased rudraksha from Rudraksha Lovers and noticed some very positive changes in myself.
Sonia Arora
Read More
I purchased 5 mukhi rudraksha beads mala for wearing. I was happy with the mala. Thank you Rudraksha Lovers for such an authentic and rudraksha mala.
Neha Gupta
Read More
I received Nepali 12 mukhi rudraksha in very good condition. They also send their secret mantra to us. Thank you so much.
Harsh Aggarwal
Read More
Rudraksha Lovers helped me a lot by recommending the most powerful combination of Rudraksha that has positive vibes in my professional career.
Kunal Sharma
Read More
Hello Rudraksha Lovers Team, Today I received my rudraksha and it looks amazing. It is too lovely and strong too.
Parul Gaur
Read More
Received best quality rudraksha. Amazing. Timely delivered. Original rudraksha received. Value for money. Thank you Rudraksha Lovers.
Mohit Lal
Read More
I bought rudraksha and it amazed me. Now I stopped drinking alcohol. Very Thankful to the Rudraksha Lovers Team for consulting and recommending me.
Neeraj Singh
Read More
Thanks, Rudraksha Lovers, Package arrived today, and it's all right. Thank you very much! I feel that it's packaged and delivered with utmost love.
Vineeta Mittal
Read More
Quality of rudraksha is too good and I am very much satisfied with it. Really appreciate the Rudraksha Lovers Team. Thank you for an amazing experience.
Rajveer Singh
Read More
Received rudraksha mala and gomukhi today. Mala is really more powerful. Appreciate your procedure of selecting quality beads.
Anushka Verma
Read More
Today I received a parcel from Rudhraksha Lovers, Found amazing rudraksha of the finest quality. You can blindly order rudraksha from here. Again Thank you Rudraksha Lovers!!!
Ruchi Gulati
Read More
I received rudraksha on the third day after I ordered and I also received a secret mantra as a gift from Rudraksha Lovers. I really happy with the quality of rudraksha.
Sahil Chauhan
Read More
I received rudraksha mala, which I ordered. I found the mala original and authentic, and powerful too. I am very happy with Rudraksha Lovers.
Kajal Chaudhary
Read More
Recently I purchased a rudraksha bead from Rudraksha Lovers. Really the quality of the rudraksha bead is amazing and also it comes with a lab certificate.
Vikram Chaudhary
Read More
Thanks to Rudraksha Lovers for arranging genuine rudraksha for me, After wearing this rudraksha my spiritual growth becomes too fast.
Yash Goyal
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Best rudraksha quality and also delivered timely and comes with lab certification cards and with secret mantra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having some doubts related to 1 mukhi gol dana rudraksha you can check some of the most common questions.

If you have any other doubts you can book a consultation with our rudraksha experts.

Irrespective of gender, ethnic, geographical, religious, or cultural background, anyone can wear it and one mukhi rudraksha price is also affordable for everyone. They are beneficial for everyone’s mental and physical condition.

1 mukhi rudraksha can be worn all time. You can wear it while you sleep.

It totally depends on the purpose of wearing it. if you wear ek mukhi rudraksha for spiritual purposes, then you have to avoid eating non-veg foods but if you wear it only for bringing positivity in life, then you can eat non-veg food.

Yes, ladies can wear one mukhi rudraksha during menstruation. Ek mukhi rudraksha is holy and associated with lord shiva itself. There is not any problem with wearing it during menstruation. It keeps you connected with the almighty lord.

No, 1 mukhi rudraksha can also be used for other purposes too. You can use it for spiritual purposes, curing migraines, lessening hypertension, and bringing stability in life.

Benefits of Wearing Ek Mukhi Gol Dana Rudraksha

List of benefits appears in your life once you start wearing ek mukhi round rudraksha. You can easily discover its benefits which are mentioned below:

  1. Calmness and peace of mind. 
  2. Shield against negative energies of life. 
  3. soft-hearted person. 
  4. Heart and joints problems.
  5. Relief from diabetes problems.
  6. Relief from everyday problems and fulfill happiness.
  7. Relief from materialistic gains 
  8. Helps you to attain enlightenment.

Discover some very interesting 1 mukhi round rudraksha benefits

1 Mukhi Gol Dana Rudraksha Loose Bead

About Rudraksha Lovers

Consult With Pandit Ram Das Jii

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Rudraksha Journey - From Nepal To Devotees

Want to know How ek mukhi gol dana rudraksha reaches your home to make you more powerful in terms of spirituality, health, and wealth.

Quickly, Discover the step by step journey of 1 mukhi gol rudraksha from the forest of Nepal to your doorstep below:-


Took Rudraksha Beads Directly From Nepal Forest

We took rudraksha beads directly from the local sellers who collect them from Nepal forest. Because of no mediators/distributors, our quality is always up to the mark.


Handpicked Best Quality Rudraksha Beads

Our team of well-experianced rudraksha specialists keeps only the best quality rudraksha which has no extra marks, no damage from anywhere and is also good from a spiritual point of view too.


6 Level Originality & Health Test

✔️ X-Ray Test
✔️ Copper Coin Test
✔️ Milk Test
✔️ Water Test
✔️ Boiling Test
✔️ Density Examination Test


Energize Rudraksha Before Delivery

At Rudraksha Lovers, Rudraksha beads are delivered only after complete energization.

First Know How to Buy Original Round Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

Ek mukhi nepali rudraksha is one of the most beautiful gifts of nature. It is a rare bead that is mostly found in the regions of Nepal.

Lots of 1 mukhi rudraksha variety are found in South India which is kaju dana rudraksha and also wide variety of it found in the forest of Indonesia (Java) you can easily buy 1 mukhi rudraksha Indonesian from us.  

You will get rid from your bad addictions or pain of life.

You can easily buy ek mukhi nepali rudraksha beads from Rudraksha Lovers.

Our rudraksha experts beautifully handpick ek mukhi round rudraksha from Nepal and provide you at an affordable price.

1 mukhi original nepali rudraksha price is around 21,000/- to 51,000/-

You can only get government lab-certified rudraksha beads from us which signify its genuineness.

You can easily trust on our website to buy this influential bead of mankind as the beads deliver by our organisation are all trusted by IGL.

Not Sure What Rudraksha is Good For You

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Want To Know More About 1 Mukhi Gol Rudraksha

If you are too much curious about 1 mukhi round rudraksha and want to know more about 1 mukhi nepali rudraksha price and all.

So, freely read some of these very informative blogs on rudraksha below:-

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