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A holy Blueberry bead plant with a lot of religious importance. Respected as the tree of Lord Siva. Its tree is an evergreen that grows rapidly. It generates one to two thousand fruits yearly. These fruits are similarly perceived better known as Amritphala Or Fruits of Nectar. As the tree grows fully, the roots, transpire near the trunk and grow out along the soil of the floor. In the texts of Ayurveda, the bead and bark of Rudraksha are utilized for handling numerous illnesses like cognitive disorders, headache, fever, skin ailments, etc.


Benefits of Blueberry Beads

Blueberry beads are really nice, beneficial, and well-known to mankind. Following are the benefits of Blueberry Beads:

  1. They are low in calories but great in nutrients.
  2. It is reasonably known for Antioxidant Foods.
  3. Blueberry beads lessen DNA harm, which may enable it to protect against cancer.
  4. Blueberry beads Protect Cholesterol  From Evolving Damage.
  5. Blueberry beads help prevent crucial heart assaults.
  6. It can help to conserve brain purpose and also expand memory strength.
  7. They are so tasty and useful that several people consider them their beloved fruit.


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Weight 8 g
Dimensions 17 × 7 × 9 cm

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