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1 Mukhi Rudraksha | Original | Benefits | Procedure To Wear

1 Mukhi Rudraksha

One Mukhi Rudraksha is found in the parts of India as well as other countries also. But it is believed that Nepal rudraksha is the most influential, and it has more benefits than the other. People who wear Nepali rudraksha will get promising and instant results. It is rare and also very valuable. Many people have encountered a positive difference in their life and health after worshipping it.

The 1 Mukhi rudraksha is the greatly promising, divine, and influential gift of nature to the human race. 

It is the rarest among all rudraksha and is also known as the king of rudraksha beads. The one mukhi rudraksha is ruled by Lord Shiva. This magical bead is thus sakshat Shiv Swaroop and conjures the wearer extravagantly.

The One Mukhi Rudraksha is often worn on the body, or it can also be placed at home in the place of worship, as this bead is Lord Shiva himself. It promotes a very intense, calm, single nature. It is proposed for Doctors, Lawyers, and Professors. Doctors need to detach from the physical and emotional pain of the patient while examining or treating a patient.

One Mukhi Rudraksha Necessary Details

It is the rarest among all rudraksha and is the king of all rudraksha beads. The one Mukhi rudraksha is ruled by Lord Shiva, the moral consciousness or Paramshiva.

1 Mukhi Rudraksha Governing God – Lord Shiva

1 Mukhi Rudraksha Ruling Planet – Sun

1 Mukhi Rudraksha Beej Mantra – Om Namah Shivay

1 Mukhi Rudraksha Colour – Brown

1 Mukhi Rudraksha Found In – Indonesia, Nepal (25%), and India (5%)

Benefits of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

The wearer of one Mukhi rudraksha is blessed by Shiva and Mahalakshmi. The benefits of ek Mukhi rudraksha are following:

  1. It helps the wearer to become more optimistic than before towards the problems of life.
  2. A person will become more attentive and soft-hearted than before after adapting to it.
  3. It also conserves the person from bad and unfavourable energies surrounding him/her during their whole life.
  4. It gives monetary growth, career expansion, promotion and an authoritative stance in life.
  5. The wearer will be blessed with prosperity, luxury and wealth in their life to the utmost level.
  6. It helps you to develop leadership qualities that facilitate you in your life.
  7. It helps you control your temper and is believed to have a curative and comfortable effect on people with high blood pressure, heart problems, and diabetes.
  8. On a physical level, the bead is highly effective in curing migraines. It also provid1es relief from OCD and helps heal neurotic and psychotic Ailments.
Want to know more about 1 mukhi rudraksha benefits.

Procedure to Wear 1 Mukhi Rudraksha

Since rudraksha is mighty respect to wear, one needs to consult the best astrologer to know whether it is advisable to wear it or not.

Following is the Procedure to Wear 1 Mukhi Rudraksha:

  1. Wake up early on Monday morning, then have a bath.
  2. Wear fair clothes and clean the place where you idolise the god.
  3. After that, take a copper container and place Gangajal in it and gently wash rudraksha beads.
  4. Now sprinkle gangajal on rudraksha which you take on that copper vessel. 
  5. It may be well-worn in white fabric or wool thread after vocalizing the particular bead mantra which is mentioned above.

Uses of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

People used to wear rudraksha for meditation. Rudraksha gives tranquillity and increases concentration power. It is accepted that one Mukhi Rudraksha is most advantageous for those who have patches of zodiac sign.

  • 1 Mukhi Rudraksha Astrological Use –
  1. Agains digestion, heart, skin, eyes and ear related diseases, it is beneficial.
  2. Persons fallen prey to a specific sort of dependency can be cured by Ek Mukhi Rudraksha.
  3. The wearer will experience a warm sign from ek mukhi rudraksha after wearing it.
  4. Ek mukhi rudraksha conjointly consumes the centre of lightning and cosmic lights of this world.
  5. This Rudraksha instructs the person of the ultimate deity.
  6. Wearer of ek mukhi rudraksha attains all the worldly pleasures.
  7. Astrologically, they are said to ease malefic impacts of the Sun.
  8. It fulfils all the wearer’s desires irrespective of the situation.
  • 1 Mukhi Rudraksha Medical Use –
  1.  It is said to be good for the heart and eyesight too, for those who suffer from it for a long period of time.
  2. It is beneficial for reducing the level of stress in day-to-day life of a person.
  3. Those who wish to escape bad habits and cravings can depend on this bead without any worry.
  4. 1 mukhi Rudraksha is one of the best options to make a person feel better during a fever.
  5. It  helps to increase the memory power and intelligence.
  6. Rudraksha anti-inflammatory properties are quite healthful for curing problems related to acne and pimples.
  7. Ek mukhi rudraksha helps to keep the blood pressure under control.
  8. It helps to reduce the severity and intensity of chickenpox symptoms.

Dos & Don’ts of Wearing a One Mukhi Rudraksha

Following are the points which you keep in mind while wearing one Mukhi rudraksha:

  • Do’s of wearing a one mukhi rudraksha – 
  1. After buying one face rudraksha bead, wash it with clean fresh water and place it in the milk of the cow for one day and then wear it.
  2. Worship it on a day by day basis with discipline.
  3. Always keep your trust and faith in it.
  4. Remove it when you went to sleep and place it where you worship
  5. It is advisable to clean your Rudraksha beads every six months.
  • Don’t of wearing a one mukhi rudraksha
  1. Don’t eat non-veg food after wearing it.
  2. You don’t have to drink alcohol after wearing it.
  3. Don’t give your beads to anyone.
  4. Don’t flaunt it to anyone.
  5. You don’t have to use chemical soap after wearing it.
  6. Don’t wear a damaged bead.
  7. Avoid mixing other types of Rudraksha.
  8. Refrain from killing anyone.

Identify Original 1 Mukhi Rudraksha

Traditionally, the number of beads in the original rudraksha is 108 plus one, the Bindu. It’s recommended that an adult should wear a mala with at least 84 beads in it. 

All 1 mukhi rudraksha have the same caliber, impact, and goods regardless of the size.

  1. You can buy Original 1 Mukhi Rudraksha from any reputed Rudraksha store or Rudraksha Lovers.
  2. The rudraksha stones are produced by different species of large, evergreen, broadleaf trees in the taxonomic group Elaeocarpus.
  3. Original rudraksha can be identified by c.t scan method or by a test of boiling water.
  4. You can get original rudraksha from all Tirth Sthal. 

One Mukhi Rudraksha Best Buying Places

My advice is to find a temple associated with ISKCON nearby and purchase the required rudraksha. They also sell malas with a wide diversity of combinations. To the best of my knowledge, they’re trusty.

Although, best places to buy One Mukhi Rudraksha are:

  1. Southeast Asia 
  2. Parts of Australia
  3. Hawaii
  4. Gangetic plains in Nepal
  5. OnlineRudraksha Lovers

Things to be kept in mind before buying a 1 Mukhi Rudraksha online:

  1. Don’t buy one mukhi rudraksha from a third-party website.
  2. Always assure that buying websites should provide certified rudraksha.
  3. Never buy a fake one mukhi rudraksha online.
  4. Always read reviews of buying customers on that website.
  5. Make proper research of one mukhi rudraksha before buying it.
  6. Contact that supplier before purchasing rudraksha.
  7. You can ask about trusted online sites from those who already made an online purchase.
  8. Always assured that what that website credentials in selling rudraksha.

Average Price of 1 Mukhi Rudraksha

Depending on the size and quality of the bead, The ek mukhi rudraksha price from around Rs. 1500/- onwards. By and large, in most cases, the cost does not go over Rs. 2,50,000/- for a premium bead.

Puja of 1 Mukhi Rudraksha

You must know by now that it’s essential to energize a rudraksha before wearing it.

You will need some items to perform the energizing procedure.

The following process is the way of doing an energization process:-

Step 1 – Choose a promising day like Shivaratri, Mahashivratri, or Navratri. If that is not doable, consider energizing it on a Monday or in Chaitra month.

Step 2 – Take a fresh bath and sit down in front of a Shiva linga or Shiva picture. Start with a clean heart, mind, and body. 

Make sure to sit down on a clean aasan or mat and face east during the puja.

Step 3 – Place the rudraksha in a copper vessel and pour panchamrit over it. Then, pour the fruit or sugarcane juice on the rudraksha.

Step 4 – Then wash it by pouring gangajal water or clean water over it.

Step 5 – Place your washed rudraksha on the plate with peepal leaves staged on it.

Step 6 – Place an empty vessel in front of the Shiva linga or picture of Lord Shiva to place your offerings.

For a detailed guide of ingredients and mantra for chanting, you must follow the rules of wearing rudraksha to get it energized ( jagrit ).

Facts and Myths of 1 Mukhi Rudraksha

                  MYTHS                FACTS
All of us can’t wear rudraksha.Everyone, irrespective of sex, age, culture, ethnic, territorial, and religious background can wear it.
Rudraksha can’t help in controlling blood pressure.Wearing Rudraksha helps in Blood Pressure control as per the experience of many.
Only Hindus can wear rudraksha.Rudraksha is meant for all to wear, irrespective of religion.
Rudraksha is only meant for meditation.By wearing these beads one Experiences tranquillity, the harmony of mind, focus, and concentration.
One can’t wear the combination of mukhi.One can wear a combination of all the mukhis. The individual powers of the beads can be felt at the same time.
It took a long time to get the result from rudraksha.Some changes are observed Immediately. Other changes take time.
Family members can interchange their neck malas.Rudraksha can’t be interchanged Between family members.
Ladies can’t wear rudraksha.Ladies can also wear rudraksha.

1 Mukhi Rudraksha According to Rashi

1 mukhi rudraksha is not worn according to the rashi or zodiac sign. It is all to worship the faith of a person to adapt one mukhi rudraksha.

Although all rashis have a certain rudraksha this is not with 1 mukhi rudraksha.

1 Mukhi Rudraksha According to Birth

Wearing Rudraksha by anyone will provide so many benefits to the wearer. It is also proved that there are no negative effects on the wearer. So, anyone can wear Rudraksha safely. Even also Rudraksha can be worn with any association of mukhis.

Many Astrologers have also worked on Rudraksha. They advise ‘Mukhi’ based on Birth Rashi and Nakshatra is more beneficial. It is conceived that anyone could wear Rudraksha as per their desires which they want to fulfill.

Energized 1 Mukhi Rudraksha

There are certain sets of procedures to energize 1 Mukhi Rudraksha.

One needs to follow the proper process to get energized rudraksha followed by a  proper list of ingredients and then the procedure mentioned above.

Short Summary on 1 Mukhi Rudraksha

  1. One Mukhi Rudraksha is found in parts of India and in other countries too.
  2. It is the rarest among all rudraksha and is the king of all rudraksha beads.
  3. The wearer of any Mukhi Rudraksha is not only blessed by Shiva, but also by Mahalakshmi.
  4. People used to wear rudraksha for meditation. Rudraksha gives tranquillity and increases concentration and focus power of an individual.

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