Rudraksha Lovers started as an active initiative to unite Shiva Devotees. We wanted the bhakts to come together from all across the globe.  Our founder, Pandit Ram Das Ji, started up the organization in 2016, Uttar Pradesh.  Pandit Ram Das Ji is a dedicated Shiva bhakt. He prays for several hours a day and has dedicated his life to the Lord.  But, the lack of knowledge among the general public always bothered him. He wanted to pave a different path, allow people to choose spirituality as a lifestyle.  Rudraksha Lovers intends to bring together people who enjoy being part of a social group.

Our Story

Rudraksha Lovers started as a dream in Uttar Pradesh. Pandit Ram Das Ji dreamt of creating a source of inspiration.  He wanted to leave behind information for the generations to come.  Pandit Ji is an expert at Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Dosh nivaran pujas, etc.  For decades, pandit Ji has helped many people, businesses, and households prosper.  After years of seeing people struggle daily, he wanted to bring a change in their lives.  Rudraksha Lovers started as a way of Pandit Ji’s effort to revolutionize the course of spirituality.  To show everyone the importance and value of choosing a spiritual path of life.


In the beginning, Rudraksha Lovers was a small movement started by Pandit Ji to bring a change.  But with time, the campaign has spread and touched thousands of lives. It has made a lot of people realize their true calling. This began as a small gathering of a couple of dozen people. It has grown over time. And to accommodate more enthusiasts, our organization is going digital.  The fascination and passion with one should follow spirituality is rare to find. But, those who want to follow it regardless are always welcome to join us. Pandit Ji has always advocated the need to embrace our culture. He has held many gatherings and debates.  He has educated people on the importance of spirituality. The path itself is hard when you are walking alone.  But, you have fellow brothers and sisters accompanying and helping you. And, with the company of beautiful people on the journey, it gets much more manageable.

Our Motive

A lot of common misconceptions about spirituality and bhakti stems from misinformation.  People think that every religious group is a cult, which is untrue. The past few decades of religious conventions have degraded the name of religion. But, religious groups bring a large amount of change to society.  Our organization wants to be a part of the new generations and make a change.  We are making an active effort to improve the mindset of people. Many of you might see all religious and spiritual groups as scams, and we want to change that understanding.  Our organization works without charging you vast amounts of money.  Anyone who is a Shiva enthusiastic and willing to be a part of Rudraksha Lovers can join.  Our motive is to provide a sanctuary for a healthy exchange of views and opinions. Rudraksha Lovers wants to change the typical mindset of people. We aspire to convey the actual meaning of spiritual awakening and show the importance of group effort.  Significant changes always start as small dreams, and we are here to make one such dream come true.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide information at the tip of your fingers. Rudraksha Lovers is a free source of authentic and historically correct information.  Our team is well-read on Hindu scriptures, mythologies, and shastras. We provide accurate information to our audience regarding their queries.  We deliver desirable solutions to your problems without any added costs or charges.  You can always attain the answers to your queries in the Vedic texts. But, interpreting them and finding the correct solution is a tedious process.  Our platform encourages a healthy exchange of information between our audience. The Shastras and Vedic books are hundreds of years old. Yet, they still provide valuable insight into the current state of the world.  A lot of predictions about the future mentioned in the Shastras have come true. Hence, it is vital that we stay connected and updated with ancient texts. It would be foolish to say that everyone ignores the value of our history or culture.  As one of the oldest religions and cultures in the world, we are not as aware or educated as we should be.  If our initiative brings about even a small change, we would be happy to have contributed to the world.

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