Can We Eat Non-veg After Wearing Rudraksha

Proof From Shiv MahaPuran

If a person eats meat after wearing the rudraksha, the rudraksha will still work, but its effect will slowly start degrading. Wearing a rudraksha while eating meat is okay, but due to this, you will not be able to get all the divine energy that a rudraksha releases.

What Shiva MahaPurana Says 

As we all know that many people are spreading fake information about wearing rudraksha and saying a lot of wrong things but today you will conclude and find the reality of wearing rudraksha which has been mentioned in Shiva Mahapurana.

Proof From Shiv MahaPuran

“A devotee of Siva shall refrain from eating meat, garlic, onion, red garlic, potherb, Slesmataka, pig of rubbish and liquors.”

Shiv Maha Puran
  • It is clearly mentioned in Shiva Mahapurna (Vidyesvara-Samhita – Chapter 25 – Part 43) that a person who eats meat can’t impress Lord Shiva or should not eat meat to be a Shiva Devotee.
  • Shiva Mahapurna clearly says that a person who eats meat can’t wear a rudraksha.

We should find it in Srimad Devi Bhagavatam so we can finally conclude about it.

What Srimad Devi Bhagavatam Says

Srimad Devi Bhagavatam is the holiest book which has the answer to each question and in book 11, chapter 7 we found that:-

Proof From Srimad Devi Bhagavatam on rudraksha wearing time

Proof From Srimad Devi Bhagavatam on rudraksha

Everyone can wear rudraksha at any point in time, there is no problem while wearing rudraksha, if someone is a pure Shiva devotee and would be able to go to the mortuary/cemetery at the midnight and can do Havana or puja for Shiva then there is no problem because Lord Vishnu had already said, 

“is sansar mein Jo kuch bhi hai, Shiv ka hai aur Jo Shiv ka hai, wo Shiv hai” toh apavitra agar kuch hai to woh bhi Shiv hai aur Sada Pavitra bhi Shiv hain”

Srimad Devi Bhagavatam
  • This clearly means that it’s all our problem that we are doing inequality between Non-vegetarian and Vegetarian.
  • If someone follows the Path of Shiva then there is no problem while eating meat, but if your mind is not developed that much so you should avoid eating it.
  • It’s clearly up to you how you see it.
  • Shiva devotees should follow about eating non-veg (restricted in Shiva Mahapurana) but one can eat it if he is a pure souled Shiva Devotee.

Note: If you feel guilty after eating non-veg then you should not wear rudraksha but if you are ok to eat it after wearing rudraksha then you should keep wearing it.

Impact of Rudraksha

1. On Satvik Guna Person 

Satvik Person:- A person who has clear visions, and pure stability in his life, he had pure calmness, a satvik person avoids eating non-veg and beverages like coffee and tea.

Rudraksha’s Impact On Satvik Person:-

It would be best if you started wearing a rudraksha because rudraksha also has a very calm and joyful nature, therefore it will be good for you to wear a rudraksha as it follows your personality.

2. On Rajasic Guna Person 

Rajasic Person:- An action-oriented person, who has anger issues, and some mental problems and likes taste before nutrition in foods comes under this category, a person who takes more oil, butter, non-veg, beverages, spices, and over-thinking comes in rajasic.

Rudraksha’s Impact On Rajasic Person:-

It is average to go, here rudraksha doesn’t help rajasic people in spiritual benefits but gives health and business benefits as well, if you want to be satvik, wear rudraksha and stop eating over-spiced and oiled veg/non-veg food.

3. On Tamasik Guna Person 

Tamasic Person:- A person who is fully drained and feels helpless comes under this category, they consume chemically shortened foods like chocolate, chips, burger, meat, fish, pizza, and other food, they are the most confused and lazy people. 

Rudraksha’s Impact On Tamasic Person:-

A tamasik person should wear a rudraksha mala to cure his problems as he is fully drained and feels alone, he found himself helpless but the rudraksha will work slowly on him because of his past works and sins, to become a rajasic or satvik person he should avoid eating non-veg and packed food and should do japa with rudraksha mala. 

Which Guna Person is Best For Rudraksha Wearing and Why?

It is okay to wear rudraksha for every kind of person but satvik person feels most of the energy of rudraksha whereas the tamasic person feels less and very slow energy of rudraksha because of their kind of work so it is concluded that a satvik person gets full energy of rudraksha.


Can A Tamasik Guna Person wear rudraksha?

A tamasic person should wear the rudraksha so he can cure his problems but the Rudraksha will work slowly on them.

Can A Rajasic Guna Person wear a rudraksha?

A rajasic person can wear rudraksha as it will be good for him to get rid of health problems and other related problems.

Can A Non-Vegetarian Person wear rudraksha?

Everyone who believes in Shiva and follows the path of Shiva can wear Rudraksha.

Can an alcohol-addicted person wear rudraksha?

It is not good to drink alcohol but if you follow the path of Shiva and are a Shiva devotee you can consume this but try to decrease it from now and comes to 0 consumption level.

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