Is Rudraksha Edible?

Is Rudraksha Edible

Rudraksha fruit is grown and has 2 stages, it is green when it is ingrown but it is purple when it is fully grown.

But the question arises is – Can We Eat Rudraksha Fruit?

Yes, it has some health benefits and it can be eaten by everyone, it can be eaten at its ingrowth and fully grown stage.

Taste of Rudraksha Fruit

Rudraksha fruits can be eaten by everyone, but it has very few health benefits. There are two stages to a rudraksha, and rudraksha is edible in both stages, so one can eat it at any time.

How Does Ingrown Rudraksha Taste Like 

Ingrown rudraksha is green in color and ingrown rudraksha is also edible so one can eat an ingrown rudraksha. 

  • It has a sour and bitter taste. 
  • It has a hard outer shell and is less pulpy. 
  • Eating an ingrown rudraksha doesn’t cause any health problems.
  • It causes thrust and feels like vomiting.
  • It is not used for medical purposes.
  • It has a very hard shell which is not easy to eat.
  • Eating an ingrown rudraksha fruit will cause itchiness in your throat.
  • Eating an ingrown rudraksha fruit doesn’t have a fully matured rudraksha.
  • With an ingrown rudraksha, you will not be able to get any benefits.
  • Eating an ingrown rudraksha feels tasteless but when it passes through the throat it feels bitter and sour.

How Does Fully Grown Rudraksha Taste Like 

A fully grown rudraksha fruit is purple in color and can be eaten as it has some health benefits.

Rudraksha Brown Fruit
  • It is sweet and a little sour in taste.
  • It tastes like an orange.
  • It is a pulley fruit and can be easily eaten by anyone.
  • A fully grown rudraksha doesn’t cause any health problems.
  • It feels good after eating.
  • A fully grown rudraksha fruit can be used to cure small health problems like fever and cold.
  • Normal people or local people of rudraksha forests don’t eat it.
  • Local people don’t use rudraksha fruit to cure any problems.
  • They use other parts of rudraksha trees to cure problems.
  • A fully grown rudraksha fruit is like a local berry.
  • It has a sweet and sour taste.
  • You can feel a little sore by eating it.
  • It causes a little trust and has a pleasant taste.

Benefits of Eating Rudraksha Fruit 

There are normal health benefits of eating a rudraksha fruit and it only occurs when you consume 6 to 10 rudraksha fruits every day.

  • If you will eat rudraksha for 30 days regularly then you will be able to prevent colds, coughs, and other normal health diseases.
  • Eating a rudraksha will give you a greater immune system.
  • Consuming rudraksha fruit releases more activeness in your body.

Can Rudraksha Fruit be Harmful/Poisonous 

There is no harm in eating rudraksha and it can be good for your normal health. If you eat a rudraksha there is no problem and it will not cause you any health issues.

Rudraksha Blue Beads
  • Rudraksha is a small berry-like fruit.
  • Eating rudraksha fruit doesn’t have any harmful effects.
  • It tastes similar to the blueberry or any local berry.
  • In its ingrowth time, it has a hard shell covering which has a very sour and bitter taste.
  • Eating an ingrown rudraksha may cause throat problems.

Short Summary 

Rudraksha fruit is good to eat and has some health benefits, there are 2 types of rudraksha fruit.

  1. Fully grown rudraksha fruit
  2. Ingrown rudraksha fruit 

A fully grown rudraksha has a sweet taste and a small amount of soreness, it tastes like a normal berry, causes a small amount of trust, and has a very pulpy and juicy material.

A fully grown rudraksha fruit looks purple and pink in color and eating it has some benefits.

An ingrown rudraksha fruit has a bitter and sour taste, it causes itchiness and thrust, and it feels tasteless, but when it passes through the throat, it feels bitter and sour.

An ingrown rudraksha fruit looks green and light pink in color, and eating it may cause throat problems like a cough.

Eating any kind of rudraksha fruit doesn’t cause you health problems, it is kind of good for your health, if you feel it’s not good for you avoid it because eating an ingrown rudraksha fruit may cause you to vomit once.

You should always eat a fully-grown rudraksha fruit, it will be good for your health, and it tastes the same as a normal berry.

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