All About Bhadraksha | Different Between Rudraksha and Bhadraksha

All About Bhadraksha | Difference Between Rudraksha and Bhadraksha

Rudraksha has more than 2 variants, and one of them is “Bhadraksha.”  There are a few distinctions between rudraksha and bhadraksha.

Bhadraksha is one of the rudrakshas, which are found in South India, and they don’t have any natural holes.

1 mukhi bhadrakshas is moon-shaped, and most of the time people sell 1 mukhi bhadrakshas under the name of chandramukhi rudraksha, as it only has 1 mukh and a semi-moon-in shape.

Bhadraksha is mostly grown in India and doesn’t have any negative effects.

Most of the bhadrakshas is lighter than a normal rudraksha and very small in size.

Type of Bhadraksha 

There are 9 types of bhadraksha, and each of them is used for different purposes.

  1. Ekamukhi Bhadraksha – Looks like a half moon and wearing this bhadraksha helps you with happiness, prosperity, wisdom, and better health.
  1. Vishesa Dwimukhi Bhadraksha – Looks like a half moon and it blesses you with mental peace, confident life, fearlessness, and success in all aspects.
  1. Dwimukhi Bhadraksha – Oval in shape and wearing dwimukhi bhadraksha helps you with confidence and success in life, this rudraksha is also good for couples as it is blessed by Lord Shiva and Parvati.
  1. Trimukhi Bhadraksha – Oval in shape and trimukhi bhadraksha represents Trimurti – Lord Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma, this rudraksha cures your mangal dosh and strengthens self-confidence.
  1. Trinayani Bhadraksha – Oval in shape and trinayani bhadraksha is known as the Third Eye of Lord Shiva, this bhadraksha is good for better health, prosperity, and wealth.
  1. Dwibhuji Bhadraksha – Circular in shape, it is blessed not even by Lord Vishu and Maa Lakshmi therefore it stabilizes your life.
  1. Naga Bhadraksha – This circular-shaped rudraksha is blessed by Nagaraj and protects you from Kaal Sarp Dosh and Naga Dosha; wear it to improve your health, wealth, and prosperity.
  1. Chaturmukhi Bhadraksha – Circular in shape, chaturmukhi bhadraksha rudraksha has 4 mukhs and helps you in achieving fame and a name in any field.
  1. Shanmukhi Bhadraksha – Shanmukhi bhadraksha is one of the rare bhadraksha and it is circular in shape, it is blessed by all the gods, and worshiping it will bless you with everything that you want.

Does Bhadraksha have negative effects?

Some people spread the myth that bhadraksha has negative energies; in their opinion, bhadraksha does have negative energies, but bhadraksha are beads obtained from Sri Lanka and India, so wearing them is all false information that a bhadraksha has negative effects.

Bhadraksha has fewer benefits than rudraksha, but bhadraksha also helps you with your other problems.

Most Common: 1 Mukhi Bhadraksha

1 mukhi bhadraksha is the most common bhadraksha found in markets, but there are some identities to find, whether it is 1 mukhi bhadraksha or another bhadraksha.

1 Mukhi Bhadraksha
  1. 1 mukhi bhadraksha looks like a half-moon.
  2. This bhadraksha doesn’t have any natural holes.
  3. It is obtained from India and Sri Lanka.
  4. It is small in size.
  5. Lighter in weight.
  6. Has a lower density than rudraksha.

Hence, if you get it identified, you should also know about its benefits.

Wearing 1 mukhi bhadraksha helps you with happiness, prosperity, wisdom, and better health.

Difference Between Bhadraksha and Rudraksha 

Generally, bhadraksha and rudraksha look similar, but you can tell if you have rudraksha or bhadraksha by the following characteristics:

Rudraksha is grown in Nepal.Bhadraksha only grows in India and Sri Lanka.
Rudraksha are spherical in shape.Bhadraksha is a spherical and semi-moon-shaped beads.
They are bigger than bhadraksha.They are smaller than a rudraksha.
Rudraksha weighs more than bhadraksha.They have less density.
It has more density.They are lighter in weight.
Mostly a real rudraksha has a natural hole.Bhadraksha doesn’t have any natural holes.

How Do You Know Whether Bead Is Rudraksha or Bhadraksha?

There are some similarities between a rudraksha and a bhadraksha, but to define them, you should consider some points like:

Rudraksha Bhadraksha 
Most of the rudrakshas have a natural hole.Bhadraksha doesn’t have a natural hole.
Rudraksha are bigger and heavier in weight.Bhadraksha are small and lighter in weight.
Rudraksha has a higher density.Bhadraksha has less density than a rudraksha.
Rudraksha moves when you put it under two copper coins.This rule doesn’t apply to bhadraksha.

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