Do’s and Don’ts Before and After Wearing of Rudraksha

rudraksha do and don'ts

Rudraksha is one of the most precious things and has many health and spiritual benefits. It can be worn by anyone, but most of the time, some people do something wrong that decreases the energy of rudraksha and can harm its full potential.

Dos and Don’ts While Wearing Rudraksha

Precautions Before and After Wearing Rudraksha 

Precautions should be taken so that your rudraksha can combat and prevent internal energy. While wearing a rudraksha, you should care for it so it will help you for a long time. You should take some precautions so you can keep it safe from dark energies.

Do’s of Before and While Wearing Rudraksha

For a better result, you should follow the steps below, and here are some do’s and don’ts when wearing rudraksha:

  1. After getting rudraksha, you should put it in hot water for 2 minutes.
  2. After cleaning it, do the activation process, so your rudraksha will get a better life.
  3. Keep the rudraksha in Puja Shell so the rudraksha will get energy.
  4. Start believing in rudraksha energy.
  5. You should clean the rudraksha beads every 6 months.
  6. Should remove the bead and put it in the Puja Shell while sleeping.
  7. You should use Gold and Silver.
  8. Should recall all your objectives of wearing rudraksha.
  9. Start wearing rudraksha every day.

Don’ts You Need To Follow After Wearing Rudraksha

You should never follow these steps, or your rudraksha will be prevented by dark energies.

  1. Should avoid eating non-veg while wearing rudraksha.
  2. Should avoid drinking alcohol while wearing rudraksha.
  3. Don’t give your rudraksha to others.
  4. Should avoid baths while wearing rudraksha.
  5. Don’t touch your rudraksha with soap and liquid detergent.
  6. Don’t wear a broken or damaged rudraksha.
  7. Avoid touching your rudraksha with another rudraksha.
  8. Do not kill any animal after wearing rudraksha.
  9. Keep your rudraksha away from the birthplace and the morgue.

Do’s and Don’ts of Before and After Wearing Rudraksha Mala

Do’s and Don’ts of Before and After Wearing Rudraksha Mala

Most of the things are the same as the rudraksha mala, but some other things can give you a lot of benefits.

Follow these steps to improve your rudraksha mala’s health and life.

Do’s While Wearing a Rudraksha Mala

  1. You should chant beej mantras representing rudraksha in mala in the morning.
  2. One should wear it after taking a bath.
  3. One should remove it at night and put it in the Puja Sheel.
  4. You should worship Lord Shiva every day for blessing.
  5. You should offer ghee Diya and incense and stick to it every day.
  6. Don’t touch your mala with dirty hands.
  7. It is suggested to activate your rudraksha mala.
  8. It will be good if you clean your mala every 6 months.
  9. You must wear it while doing any kind of puja.

Precautions After Wearing Rudraksha Mala 

  1. Avoid wearing it while bathing and having sex.
  2. Women should avoid wearing it during their periods.
  3. You should not do Japa with the mala which you are wearing.
  4. You should avoid eating non-veg.
  5. You should avoid drinking alcohol.
  6. One should not mix different origins of rudraksha at once.
  7. One should not take rudraksha mala to an unclean place or bathroom.
  8. Don’t make mala of different origins like rudraksha. You should not mix Nepali, Indonesian and Indian rudraksha.
  9. You have a choice to wear rudraksha at night, but we will suggest not wearing it while sleeping.
  10. Don’t take your mala to any hospital.

Short Summary 

Everyone can wear a rudraksha, but there are some important steps to take and follow in order to get better effects and longer life from the rudraksha.

There are some rudraksha dos and don’ts that you should follow to get the most out of your rudraksha; doing the wrong work after wearing rudraksha can reduce its power.

Precautions Before Wearing Rudraksha 

You should clean your rudraksha every 6 months and wear an activated rudraksha for more benefits; wearing a rudraksha at night will be good; you should start believing in Lord Shiva and start offering Ghee Diya and an incense stick to a rudraksha.

Wearing a rudraksha mala during any kind of puja will be good, and one should always wear a rudraksha during pregnancy.

Don’ts of Wearing Rudraksha

You should not carry your rudraksha while having baths and sex; women should avoid wearing it during their periods as it can increase blood pressure; and don’t take your rudraksha to any hospital or death ceremony.

Wearing a rudraksha at night will be good, but we will not suggest you wear it. You should avoid wearing rudrakshas in the bathroom and should not mix different origins of rudrakshas.

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