How To Make A Hole In Rudraksha At Home?

How To Make A Hole In Rudraksha At Home

There are three kinds of rudrakshas: Nepali, Indonesian, and Indian. Most of the time, Indonesian and Indian rudrakshas are drilled, in which the rudraksha’s spinal code gets hurt and, therefore, the rudraksha loses its energy.

What Shiva MahaPurana Says About It 

In Shiva MahaPurana (Vidyesvara-Samhita – Chapter 25) Shiva says that if you wear a rudraksha which is holed by humans, then you should not wear it or should wear a rudraksha which is already naturally holed.

  • Rudraksha should not be damaged or cracked.
  • Rudraksha should have a natural hole.
  • Rudraksha has benefits but if you wear khandit rudraksha then it will not work for you.
  • If you wear a non-holed rudraksha it is good but if you do a hole in it by yourself then it can lose its energy.

How To Insert Thread In Rudraksha?

Insert Thread In Rudraksha

There are 3 types of rudraksha and each has different qualities and benefits but you should never cause a hole by yourself or anyone because it can harm rudraksha energy, you can insert a thread by following the steps:

  • Use a simple pin, remove the dust, and don’t try to use any drilling machine to create a hole.
  • Insert a pin and clear all the waste, if you try to do it harder, it can hurt its spinal code.
  • If there is not any hole between the rudraksha you can make a pendant for it.
  • Rudraksha has a natural hole but a rudraksha that is holed by humans is counted in the category of “khandit”.
  • You should prevent wearing rudraksha that is holed by humans.

Rudraksha Drilling Machine 

If the rudraksha doesn’t have any holes then people use a drilling machine (used in doing holes in a wall) and do holes in a rudraksha, it hurts the rudraksha’s spinal and the rudraksha loses its powers.

Rudraksha Drilling Machine
  • You should prevent wearing rudraksha holed by others.
  • You should wear a naturally holed rudraksha.
  • Most of the time, Nepali rudraksha already had a natural hole.
  • A drilled rudraksha can’t spread positive energy.
  • A rudraksha that doesn’t have a natural hole and should not be worn, and if you want to wear it then you should use a pendant for it.

Does Rudraksha Have A Natural Hole?

Yes, if your rudraksha is Nepali and doesn’t have any natural hole then you should take a pin and try to slowly hole into it, if there will be any dust or a small break then it will be removed and the rudraksha will get a hole but don’t try to forcefully hole a rudraksha.

rudraksha natural hole
  • Rudraksha has a natural hole but due to less fertility in soils sometimes it doesn’t have holes.
  • Rudraksha which is non-holed can be worn in a pendant.
  • A rudraksha that is damaged or holed by others should be avoided as it is not useful for anyone.

Short Summary 

Rudraksha are of three types;-

  1. Indian Rudraksha 
  2. Nepali Rudraksha 
  3. Indonesian Rudraksha

Nepali rudraksha has its own hole and doesn’t need artificial holes. These rudrakshas have natural holes whereas the Indian & Indonesian rudraksha doesn’t have any holes.

You should ensure that there is a natural hole in a rudraksha or if the rudraksha doesn’t have any hole then you should make a pendant for it so it doesn’t lose its energy.

If there is no hole in an Indonesian or Nepali rudraksha then you should take a pin to remove or make a hole, don’t do it forcefully, if there will be any dust or impurity it will come but if you do it harshly then it will lose its energy.

If you are wearing any rudraksha which doesn’t have any natural hole then remember not to forcefully do a hole.

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