Non-Energized Rudraksha

Non Energized Rudraksha

The non energised rudraksha are those that are not jagrit by their beej mantra. The beej mantra is used to energize a rudraksha which charges up the bead to its full potential. Every rudraksha has its own special mantra that is recited to stimulate the rudraksha.

Benefits of Wearing Non-Energized Rudraksha 

The non-energized rudraksha works the same way but with fewer vibrations and resonance.

  1. Health – It improves the health of the rudraksha owner.
  2. Wealth – It brings money and fame to the wearer.
  3. Sensitive People – Non-energized rudraksha is good for sensitive people.
  4. Home Remedy Cure – Non-energized rudraksha can be used as home remedy aids.
  5. Blessings – The wearer receives blessings from the Gods.
  6. Connection – It helps build great connections with your lord.
  7. Desires – The desires of the world are fulfilled.
  8. Poisons – It can detect the presence of poison or harmful substances in food and water.

Difference Between Non-Energized Rudraksha and Energized Rudraksha

Energized Rudraksha

  1. Energized rudraksha is more powerful.
  2. It works faster than non-energized rudraksha.
  3. It has a balanced amount of energy.
  4. It has more energy.
  5. It works according to the will of the wearer.

Non-Energized Rudraksha

  1. Non-energized rudraksha is less powerful.
  2. It works slowly.
  3. It doesn’t have a balanced amount of energy.
  4. It has less energy 
  5. It doesn’t work according to the will of the wearer.

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