How To Wear Rudraksha? – Wearing Rules

How to Wear Rudraksha First Time

Wearing any sacred object has a process that you should execute appropriately to unlock its full potential.

Rudraksha is auspicious, holy, and offers many benefits to its wearer. 

When you opt to wear a rudraksha will undeniably get to enjoy the joy and success that comes with it.

How to Wear Rudraksha?

Procedure to Wear Rudraksha

You must know by now that it’s essential to energize a rudraksha before wearing it. 

After you buy a rudraksha, you will need some items to perform the energizing procedure.

The ingredients you will need are – 

List of Ingredients

  1. Panchagavya (mix of cow dung, cow urine, milk, ghee, and curd or Panchamrit (a mixture of raw milk, curd, sugar, honey, and ghee)
  2. Gangajal or fresh, pure water.
  3. An “anchmani” pot (traditional copper pooja pot) 
  4. Kusha grass for sprinkling or a spoon.
  5. Nine peepal (sacred fig) leaves arranged neatly on a plate.
  6. Offerings for the Lord, Fruit and sugarcane juices 
  7. A ghee lamp
  8. Karpoor (Camphor)
  9. Incense sticks
  10. Chandan (Sandalwood paste)
  11. Ittar (kesar and chandan oil)
  12. Ashwagandha mixed with rice grains.
  13. Flowers 

Procedure Of Wearing Rudraksha

After you gather all the ingredients, the first thing that will come to your mind is – How to wear rudraksha? 

While it may seem tedious or difficult in the beginning, but, it’s relatively simple. 

If you can’t visit the temple or want to perform the “siddhi prakriya” on your own, then follow this method. 

The following process is the most accurate way of doing an energization process:-

Step 1 – Choose an auspicious day like Shivaratri, Mahashivratri, or Navratri. If that is not possible, consider energizing it on a Monday or in Chaitra month.

Step 2 – Take a fresh bath and sit down in front of a Shiva linga or picture to do the puja. Start with a clean heart, mind, and body. 

Make sure to sit on a clean aasan or mat and face east during the puja.

Step 3 – Place the rudraksha in a copper bowl and pour panchagavya or panchamrit over it. Then, pour the fruit or sugarcane juice on the rudraksha.

Step 4 – Then rinse it by pouring gangajal or water over it.

Step 5 – Place your rudraksha on the plate with peepal leaves arranged on it.

Step 6 – Place an empty plate in front of the lingam or picture of Lord Shiva to place the offerings.

Step 7 – Chant “ॐ नमः शिवाय” (“Om Namaha Shivaya”) thrice  Sprinkle water/gangajal over yourself and all the puja items. 

You should use the Kusha grass to do so. 

Step 8 – Chant the following Mantra : 

“ओम अपवित्र पवित्रो वा

सर्व विवर्ण गतोपि वा

यां स्मरेत पुण्डरीकाक्षम्

सा बया बांताराह सुशीद ”

“ओम गुरुभ्यो नमः

ओम गनेशाय नमः

ओम कुलदेवताभ्यो नमः

ओम इष्टदेवताभ्यो नमः

ओम माता पितृचरणमलेभ्यो नमः ”

Om apavitra pavitro va

Sarva vivarna gatopi va

Yah smaret pundari kaksham

Sa bahya bhyantarah sushed”

“Om gurubhyo Namaha

Om ganeshaya Namaha

Om kuladevatabhyo namaha

Om ishtadevatabhyo Namaha

Om mata pitricharankamlebhyo nahama”

Step 9 – Pour some water on your right palm from the anchmani pot. Take a sip after each of the following three mantras. 

“ओम केशवेया नमः” – “Om Keshawaya Namaha”

“ओम नारायणाय नमः” – “Om Narayanaya Namaha”

“ओम माधवया नमः” – “Om Maadhavaya Namaha”

Step 10 – With your right hand, pour some water on the ground and say “Om Govindaya Namaha”

Step 11 – Take three rounds of deep pranayama breaths and chant. 

“ओम परनवस्य परब्रह्म ऋषि,

परमात्मा देवता देवी गेयत्री चन्दाहा,

प्राणमयी विनियोग”

“Om parnavasya parambrahma rishihi,

paramatma devata daivi gayatri chandaha,

pranayamaye viniyogaha”

Step 12 – Sprinkle water on the rudraksha using the kusha grass and chant:

“ओम सद्योजातम् प्रपद्यम्

सद्योजातजावा नमो नमः

भावे भवति भव

भवस्वामम् भावोदय नमः ”

Om sadyojaatam prapadyaam

Sadyojatajaava namo namaha

Bhave bhavenaati bhave

Bhavaswamaam bhavodbhaya namaha”

Step 13 – Take a flower, dip it in Chandan and Itr, then touch it to the rudraksha. Then chant :

“ओम वामदेवै नमः, ज्येष्ठाय नमः

श्रेष्ठे नमः, रुद्राय नमः,

कलये नमः, काल विक्रनाय नमः,

बाला विक्रानाय नमः, बलहा नमः,

बाला प्रमथनायै नमः,

सर्व भव दमनयै नमः,

मनोमनये नमः ”

“Om vamadevaya namaha, Jyesthaya namaha

Shresthaye Namaha, Rudraye Namaha,

Kalaye namaha, Kala Vikranaye namaha,

Bala Vikranaye namaha, Balaah namaha,

Bala Pramathanaye namaha,

Sarva bhoot damanaye namaha,

Manomanaye Namaha”

Step 14 – Light the incense sticks and circle them over the rudraksha in a clockwise manner. While doing so, chant :

“Om aghorebhyo ghorebhyo

Ghor ghor tarebhayaha

Sarvabhya sarva sarvvebhyo

Namaste astu Rudra roopebhyana…”

Step 15 – Take a flower, dip it in chandan, and put it on the rudraksha. And chant :

“ओम तत्पुरुषाय विद्महे

महादेवा यधिमाही

तन्नो रुद्रं प्रच्छोदयात् ”

“ओम् ईशानहा सर्वविद्यानाम्

एशवरा सरवभुतनम

ब्रह्मादिपति ब्राह्मणादिपति

ब्रह्मा शिवोम अस्तु सदा शिवम। ”

“सदा विस्मिता हिरदे रविविंदे

भवम् भवति सहजम् नमामि ”

“Om tatpurushaaya vidmahe

Mahadeva yadhimahi

Tanno rudraha prachodayaat”

“Om eshanaha sarvavidyaanam

Eshwara sarwabhootanam

Brahmadipati bhrahmanadipati

Brahma shivome astu Sada Shivam.”

“Sadaa vistanam hridaye ravinde

Bhavam bhavami sahitam namami”

Step 16 – Chant the Gayatri mantra and Surya mantra thrice.

Step 17 – Touch each of your eyes and then your forehead after each mantra.

“Om apo Jyoti

Raso amritam

Bhrama bhu

Bhuvaha swarom”

Step 18 – Chant the mrityunjaye mantra, and after each time, put some rice into a plate-like an offering. Then, Chant the Beeja mantra of your rudraksha nine times.

Step 19 – Bow before the image of Lord Shiva or touch your head to the ground.

Step 20 – Then say the last prayer :

“ओम परनामदह पुरनामिदम्

पूर्णाद् पूर्णमिदुच्यते

पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय

पूर्ण मीवाया वशिष्ठ

ओम शांती शंति शांती”

“Om purnamadah purnamidam

Purnad purnamudyachate

Purnasya purnamadaya

Purna mevaya vishishta

Om shaanti shaanti shaantihi”

The energization process is now complete. You can wear the rudraksha or keep it in your puja room to use as chanting beads. 

While doing the energization process, you have to follow all the steps carefully. It is important to stick to the rules of the process. 

There are a few other ways of doing the energization process at home. But, the one mentioned above has shown more positive results. 

It is the closest interpretation of the process found in ancient scriptures of how to wear a rudraksha.

Summary On – How To Wear Rudraksha Mala / Beads

Energizing a rudraksha is vital to make the rudraksha more potent and effective. You should follow all the steps carefully and adhere to the rules for maximum results. 

If you cannot perform the energization process on your own, seek your guru or a priest’s guidance. It is better to take help from a professional than get the process wrong.

However, after the energization process is complete, you can wear the rudraksha. You have to keep in mind that you should care for your rudraksha as long as you have it. 

Condition and clean your rudraksha regularly (once every 3-6 months). Or your rudraksha can get damaged from the inside.


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